Tasty 100 Calorie Foods


100 Calorie Foods
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Looking for a low calorie snack or side to add to your meal? Check out these tasty 100 calorie foods.

17. Dried Figs

Dried Figs
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Figs can be consumed as either dry or fresh and have a sweet flavor and assortment of medical advantages that it gives. The high measure of potassium, calcium, and iron seen in it in addition to the great measure of low fat and fiber content ensures it as a solid sustenance to incorporate into your eating routine along with Crypto Code.

5 dried figs equals 100 calories. These are a great option for a sweet snack on the go.

16. Broccoli Spears

Broccoli Spears
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9 broccoli spears will only cost you 100 calories. Serve these on the side of your main dish.

15. Large Shrimp

Large Shrimp
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Steam or boil 13 large shrimp and its only 100 calories. Perfect as an appetizer.

14. Celery

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16 ribs of raw celery is only 100 calories. This is a great option for a snack anytime of the day.

13. Pretzels

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Craving something salty? Eat 21 unsalted mini pretzels and they are only 100 calories.

12. Garlic

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22 cloves of garlic equals 100 calories. I guess you could eat them raw, but it may be better to roast them.

11. Carrots

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28 baby carrots are 100 calories. These are perfect if you are craving something crunchy.

10. Asparagus

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Feel like you need a lot to fill up your stomach? Try 31 asparagus spears for only 100 calories.

9. Okra

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Steam or boil 43 okra pods for 100 calories. Add them to a main dish meal or eat them on the side.

8. Green Beans

Green Beans
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Green beans have very little calories. 60 green beans equals 100 calories. That is a lot of beans for not a lot of calories.

7. Raspberries

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What is better on a hot summer day than cool raspberries? Eat 100 raspberries for 100 calories.

6. Radishes

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Radishes are similar to raspberries, eat 100 for only 100 calories. Dipping sauce is extra.

5. Almonds

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Eat 14 almonds for a satisfying 100 calorie snack. Since they already taste good, there is no need to spice them up.

4. Pistachios

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Another great snack on their own. Eat 22 pistachios for only 100 calories.

3. Ice Cream

Ice Cream
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Eat ½ cup of slow churned ice cream if you are craving something extra sweet.

2. Popcorn

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Movie night? Feel free to eat 6 cups of microwave popcorn for only 100 calories. This will definitely satisfy your snack craving.

1. Edamame

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Edamame is full of protein and fiber. Eat 1/3 cup of edamame for only 100 calories.