Things People Say That Offend Everyone Who is Overweight

Things People Say that offend everyone who is overweight

Sometimes, it is best just to keep your mouth shut.

16. Just Lose Weight

Just Lose Weight
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For some, it is not as simple as just losing weight. They may have a genetic component that makes it more difficult.

15. Eat Healthier

Man deciding whether to eat apple or banana
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Someone who is overweight may even eat healthier than you. You don’t know what their eating habits are so don’t judge them.

14. Exercise More

Exercise More
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Being overweight has many complications with it. It may be hard for that person to exercise because of difficulty breathing or pain. It is not as simple as just exercising more.

13. You’re Just Being Lazy

You're Just Being Lazy
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Really? Do you know what they do every day? I don’t think so. They may be really hard workers, you don’t know.

12. Associating Overweight People with Junk Food

Associating Overweight People with Junk Food
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Just because a person is overweight doesn’t mean they eat Cheetos and pizza all day. Don’t even joke about it because it is just rude.

11. Good For You

Good For You
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Yelling “good for you” to an overweight person who is exercising is condescending. They may have already lost 100 pounds. Don’t assume they are just starting to exercise.

10. Telling Them How to Eat

Telling Them How to Eat
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Telling someone what they should eat and shouldn’t eat is annoying, even if they aren’t overweight. Just focus on your food.

9. Overweight People Are Unhealthy

Overweight People Are Unhealthy
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Just because someone is overweight, doesn’t mean they are unhealthy. Thin people can be unhealthy and overweight people can be healthy, just depends on that person.

8. Telling Them How to Lose Weight

The Biggest Loser - Season 16
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What works for you may not work for them. Don’t give them diet tips or advice, unless they asked for it.

7. Talking About Your Overweight Family Members

Talking About Your Overweight Family Members
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Seriously, talking about your overweight friends or family to someone who is overweight is just annoying. Don’t do it.

6. Childhood Obesity

Childhood Obesity
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Talking about childhood obesity to an overweight person can be really annoying. Half the time, people who are talking about childhood obesity don’t know what they are talking about anyway. It’s like religion and politics, just stay away from the topic.

5. Comparing Overweight with Bigger Body Parts

Comparing Overweight with Bigger Body Parts
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Don’t say things like “Oh, your body size gives you bigger boobs,” or “men likes girls with curves.”

4. Telling Them How to Dress

Telling Them How to Dress
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Saying thing like “this will make you look smaller,” or something similar can be really offensive.

By doing as such you are suggesting that they can’t pull off specific outfits from this page and should dress especially as a result of their size. Be useful and legit however don’t choose what they can’t and can wear, and attempt to abstain from dragging them to shop at outlets that just have smaller sizes, as it is probably going to give them a hesitation.

Let them decide how they want to dress.

3. Implying That People Shouldn’t be Overweight

Implying That People Shouldn't be overweight
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Don’t imply that a person “let themselves go” or “stopped taking care of themselves.” You don’t know their history so don’t assume.

2. Assuming Overweight People Smell

Assuming Overweight People Smell
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There is a stigma out there that overweight people are lazy and smell bad. Stop thinking that and don’t even say it out loud.

1. Saying You Pay for Their Health

Saying You Pay for Their Health

Saying things like your tax dollars are paying for their health or surgery is just offensive. Don’t say stuff like that.