15 Delicious Ice Cream Flavors You Won’t Believe Exist

15. Jalapeno Strawberry Ice Cream

It may seem simple enough to make, but adding this extra ingredient to your strawberry ice cream will add an extra kick that can be enjoyed. Many stores have found this to be the case.

14. Goat Cheese Cashew Caramel

If you want an ice cream flavor that has the taste of a cheesecake, this flavor uses tangy goat cheese, salted cashews and stripes of homemade caramel. It can be found at Black Dog Gelato in Chicago.. This is how impressive ways of doing things differently would look like. It is just similar to the auto trading robot that we get to use any time when we require. You canfind in here the expertise of earning the maximum with superior technology which is different in all aspects.

13. Creamed Cod Ice Cream

Creamed cod ice cream may seem like an odd one, but it is actually pretty ingenious. It is made up of ice cream that gets coated with a pepper-vanilla batter and is then deep fried. There are also chips to provide the fish and chips look, which are made from potato ice cream. This ice cream can be found at George’s Portobello Fish Bar in London.

12. Rosewater Ice Cream

This interesting flavor uses flavors from Iran like saffron, cardamom, pomegranate and the dried root of an orchid known as sahlab. You can find this flavor at Mashti Malone in Hollywood, CA

11. Cardamom Ice Cream

This Israeli ice cream is made up of a variety of flavors including cardamom, rose, yogurt lime, poppy seed and wasabi sorbets. They are all natural ingredients, which can be found in Endomela in Acre, Israel.

10. Crammed Jammin’ Cream Doughnut Ice Cream

Finally, a jelly donut-flavored ice cream. This one uses chunks of sugar donuts and a sweet raspberry sauce added to vanilla and cinnamon ice cream. It’s available at Tip Top Ice Cream in New Zealand.

9. Jackfruit Ice Cream

Found at the Hotel Saravanaa Bhavan in Chennai and Delhi, India, this special flavor is unique to the area. That said, it is said to taste like gourmet Juicy Fruit gum, so if you get the chance to go to Delhi, it would make for a good choice of ice cream.

8. Wildberry Lavender Ice Cream

Made from blueberries, black kerns, lavender and orange zest, this ice cream has a flavor that really lasts. It can be found at Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream in Columbus, OH.

7. Sichuan Pepper Ice Cream

Chef Kevin Sbraga found he had a taste for sichuan peppercorns, which are used in Chinese food and this led him to create a recipe of his own. This ice cream can be found at Sbraga in Philadelphia.

6. Salt Licorice Ice Cream

Here’s an interesting creation. Over at Molly Moon’s Homemade Ice Cream in Seattle, you can find this ice cream which is made up of star anise and sea salt.

5. Ricanelas Ice Cream

Ricanelas is from Bi-Rite Creamery in San Francisco. It consists of a variety of ingredients blended into the ice cream for a tasty flavor. Everything from various sauces to in-house made brittle and toffee gets thrown into the mix, along with cinnamon and snickerdoodles.

4. Kitty Kitty Bang Bang Ice Cream

The name alone is enough, but this ice cream flavor from Scoops Ice Cream in Minnesota, has a swirl of raspberry, crushed Oreos and soft chocolate chunks. Sounds plenty tasty.

3. Zen Butter

The name alone makes this sound delicious. This flavor is made of peanut butter ice cream with the addition of white sesame seeds. It can be found at Chinatown Ice Cream Factory in New York.

2. Bosh Frieze Frenzy Ice Cream

This fun flavor involves a peanut butter ice cream blended with chocolate, fudge and peanuts. You can find it at The Frieze Ice Cream and Sorbet in Miami.

1. Tequila Ice Cream

This one is pretty straightforward but certainly desired by many. Tequila-laced ice cream can be found at Las Ventanas al Paraíso in Mexico.