Pepsi Is Awesome Enough To Help Bring ‘Back To The Future Part II’ Predictions To Life

People often talk about the hoverboards and self-lacing shoes that were seen in ‘Back to the Future Part II‘, but what about Pepsi Perfect? Well, it is nearing the 2015 date Marty McFly visited in the film, and Pepsi is actually going to produce the fictional version of the soda seen on the big screen. The only catch is that it will cost the same as a gallon of gas for your futuristic flying car.

As you may recall, Marty traveled to the future date of October 21, 2015, in 1989’s ‘BTTF Part II’. This is the same date Pepsi will begin to sell limited edition bottles of Pepsi Perfect. They will be making 6,500 bottles, which will only be sold while supplies last. These 16.9-ounce bottles will be identical to the ones seen in the film and sold for $20.15 a pop.

Pepsi Perfect will be available only for a limited time, with only 6,500 bottles in the market it will be in high demand as everyone will want the bottle as collector’s item. There is no announcement about where the fans can get the “Pepsi Perfect” bottles but there is huge excitement amongst the fans about it. Look at here now how the Pepsi Perfect bottle will look like. The senior director of marketing at Pepsi mentioned that the fans are little crazy about this idea of the robot ordering a Pepsi Perfect bottle and so the company is hoping for a good response.

This is a really fun idea, but fans need to know that while the bottle will resemble what they’ve been asking for, the actual Pepsi Cola inside will be the same old Pepsi they are used to drinking. That may be a little strange, given the YouTube ad Pepsi has released, which features both humans and robots enjoying what they are getting.

It is not quite clear where exactly you can find these limited edition Pepsi bottles, but 1,500 Pepsi Perfect bottles will be distributed ahead of the general release during New York Comic Con to any attendee dressed up as Marty McFly. You can also take joy in the fact that Nike will be releasing a version of those self-lacing sneakers sometime this year and the AMC movie theater chain will host a ‘Back to the Future’ trilogy screening on October 21.

All of this should be good news for anyone slightly annoyed that they may have to pay $20 for a Pepsi.

Questions You’ve Always Wanted To Ask A Vegetarian

More than 7 million Americans are vegetarian, so you’re bound to run into one of us at some point. If you’ve had some burning questions for the people who are making this lifestyle choice, read on to see the blunt answers you might not get from your vegetarian friends and family members.

12. “Isn’t it more expensive?”

In general, no. I can often make a meal out of two or three side items from restaurants that cost a few dollars each whereas my friends end up ordering $20-something entrees. If you cook at home it may seem expensive just looking at the total cost for ingredients, but when you break it down by output, you tend to get a lot of servings by making vegetarian meals at home.

11. “Why eat fake meat if you’re vegetarian?”

I’ve heard a lot of people ask why vegetarians eat mock meats, as if we shouldn’t be allowed to have something that looks and tastes similar. A better question to ask is why not? We deserve to have options the same way that meat-eaters do. Those who are vegetarian for ethical reasons just prefer our burgers and other entrees not to involve, you know, slaughter.

10. “If God didn’t want us to eat animals why do they taste so good?”

Humans would probably taste just as good as any meat if you seasoned and cooked one of us the way we do animals, but we aren’t going to go around killing people because we are slaves to our tastebuds. Not to mention, this question requires belief in a lot of things that aren’t actually established, like God existing and the bible being the word of this possibly non-existent person. This often used phrase is a joke for more than one reason.

9. “Where do you get your protein?”

I can get 3 grams of protein just by eating four of the donut holes on my desk. If you look at any label you’ll see there is protein in dang near everything. There are tons of healthy protein-rich foods too, like beans, nuts and broccoli. Frankly though, I pay about as little attention to my protein intake as I did when I ate meat and I am perfectly healthy.

8. “But how could you give up BACON?”

The “bacon” trend is a big eye-roller for those of us who don’t eat meat. Go watch a video of a baby pig. That’s how we give up bacon, by recognizing that a pig is a breathing, thinking, feeling being that is worth more than it’s flesh and a few minutes of satisfaction at breakfast. Many vegetarians give up meat for the sake of the animals because we possess, and exercise, empathy.

7. “Why do you have to tell everyone?”
“Why do you have to tell everyone?”
It comes up. It’s not like vegetarians introduce ourselves and say, “Oh, by the way, I’m vegetarian. Just thought you should know.” When I tell people it is usually because they’ve offered me some food item that I declined, and then ask why I threw their entire pan of meat lasagna against the wall. Joking aside, the truth is that folks usually pry and that’s why it comes out. Most of us don’t actually enjoy the awkward conversation of trying to explain our beliefs without offending someone. It’s alienating and makes a lot of carnivores defensive.

6. “What if you were stranded with just an animal to eat?”

Look, if it were an actual matter of life and death, that’d be taken into account and maybe my survival instincts would kick in. Here is the thing, though; it isn’t a matter of life and death for us. People actively choose to eat animals when there are other options available we can survive and thrive on. Would I blame someone for killing and eating some animal if they were stranded in a desert with nothing else but sand? No, I wouldn’t, but that’s hardly the situation we have going on here today.

5. “Why do vegetarians always act so superior to others?”

It’s not that we think we’re superior to others, but it is frustrating when people don’t see the logical fallacies between how we treat some animals versus others. You always see those points made on social media saying, “Sure, the Chinese have dog meat festivals, but how is that any different than you eating cows, chickens and pigs?” These people have a point. There should be uproar that any animal is killed for it’s flesh, not just specific species. If you would eat cow meat, but not your dog, you’re recognizing there is a problem eating animals but not making the full connection.

4. “Don’t you ever sneak a bite of meat here and there?”

Personally, no. I don’t know why anyone would bother calling themselves a vegetarian if they weren’t going to stick with it. Granted, people do it for different reasons. Someone who eats a vegetarian diet to improve their health, for example, might go back and forth, and not be so concerned about strictly following it as someone who does it for ethical or taste preference reasons.

3. “Did you know Hitler was a vegetarian?”

Did you know Joseph Stalin, Benito Mussolini and Kim Jong-Il were all meat-eaters? Give me a break.

2. “What makes you think sharing slaughterhouse videos will change anything?”

As someone once said, there is a reason kids have field trips picking apples, not visiting the slaughterhouse. If you choose to support the industry you should face the reality of what it means. There is no protection for the animals while they’re being gutted, yet you want to complain about feeling uncomfortable. Please.

1. “Why do we have canine teeth if not to eat meat?”

Honestly, I’d love to see someone try to catch an animal with your bare hands and try to bite into it. Morally, you probably couldn’t go through with it, and physically you’d have one heck of a time with anything except maybe a fish.

Pizza Hut Has A Great New Way For You To Be Entertainined By Their Pizza

The Verge

The Verge

When one thinks of pizza and innovation, Pizza Hut may or may not come to mind. While local pizza parlors may be championed more by true pizza-lovers, Pizza Hut does make various attempts to create new kinds of pizza fun. Now that fun has become far more interactive, as Pizza Hut now has pizza boxes that can turn into film projectors.Innovation can be as high and great as this. It is quite comparable to the auto trading robot introduced recently. We all know about Cryptocurrencies. It has been increasing tremendously in its value on a large scale. But, we do not know how to approach. Professional investors have brought a new and an innovative concept in the form of an auto trading robot. It is created with supreme algorithms and interactive features to facilitate the users at large. This has become a trend now. Their web platform is the best site to view and understand the fundamentals. It is also possible that we can let the robot trade completely on our behalf. Novice users can profit a lot in this manner.

In Hong Kong, a new pizza box design allows for customers to watch movies on their wall. The advertising stunt uses boxes with a pop-out hole in its side. A very unique pizza table then serves as the projector’s lens. The customer would then slip the plastic lens into the hole and use the pizza table’s legs to prop up their smartphone inside the box. The contraption then blows up your phone’s display onto any nearby wall.

There are four different boxes, each with unique artwork. Each box comes with a separate movie download via a QR code. They’re called ‘Slice Night’ (for horror fans), ‘Anchovy Armageddon’ (for science-fiction), ‘Hot & Ready’ (for romance) and ‘Fully Loaded’ (for an action flick). The box itself is fittingly called the ‘Blockbuster Box‘.

Business Insider

Business Insider

A few issues exist, however. For one thing, the image will likely be pretty poor. This is, after all, just a pizza box, as opposed to a $1,000 projector. You also risk getting grease all over your phone. And lastly, it may be hard to hear the movies playing while your phone is housed inside of a box. It may be best to have a Bluetooth speaker ready to go.

Regardless of how well it works, though, be sure to get your tickets to Hong Kong

NASA Engineer Shows How To Skin A Watermelon For An Awesome Party Trick

Former NASA engineer Mark Rober is big on developing food tricks showing how to do them. His latest is a fun one involving a watermelon that looks as if it were skinned.

You need two watermelons to pull this one off. The first is peeled and smoothed over. The second is chopped in half and hollowed out. It seems simple enough but requires time and patience if you want to make it look good.

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It has interactive features to navigate and learn. They can analyze the market on an expanded scale and keep investing. They can even predict the market movements and work on a reasonable forecasting application. So, we can just leave it to them to operate for our concerns. This is indeed a great resource. There are many millions of people being introduced to this platform and earning on a comparatively large scale. It is interesting as well as fruitful. They have a good customer support team, who can assist us with our queries at any time. They are professionally very well qualified and kind in their approach. Hop over to these guys and enjoy a flawless and free trading environment. We have many opportunities. It is up to us to utilize the maximum in a manner that is very comfortable for all of your belongings. Auto trading robots are impressive and highly pronounced in terms of their performance. We can start trading smartly just like these tricks.

Other Watermelon Tricks Up Rober’s Sleeves

Mark Rober has other tricks, too. He previously created an easy smoothie recipe that required a watermelon, a coat hanger, a screwdriver and a plastic cup. There are plenty more, which you can find on his YouTube page.

How To Skin A Watermelon

Mark Rober goes through the whole process.

15 Things You Would Hate To Have Happen While At Starbucks

15. No More Cake Pops

The promise of cake pops is probably the only reason you go to Starbucks.

14. Running Out Of Time To Stare At The Food Case

Oh no! You didn’t have time to decide between the blueberry muffin and the blueberry scone before it was your turn at the register.

13. The Barista Asks How To Correctly Spell Your Name

You care more about those five awkward seconds than you do about getting your name spelled right.

12. Someone Takes Off With Your Order

All fraps do kind of look the same.

11. Upset Coffee Tummy

It’s awful to have this happen anywhere except the comfort of your own bathroom.

10. Person In Front Of You Orders 50 Drinks

Okay, 50 drinks may be a bit of an over-exaggeration, but it might as well be 50 for how long it seems to take.

9. People Try To Make Small Talk In Line

You haven’t had your coffee yet, so of course you don’t feel like talking.

8. You Forget To Use Your Starbucks Rewards

Dang it, how are you ever going to earn enough stars for a free drink?!

7. Someone Sits At Your Table…With You

Starbucks can be a crowded and crazy place in the mornings. However, that still doesn’t make it acceptable for someone to squeeze in at your table.

6. They Forget To Make Your Drink

Now you have to decide between waiting longer for your drink, or being late to work. Decisions, decisions.Decisions are always important. Sometimes it is required we leave our decisions to be taken by others. Auto trading robots function in this manner. They tend to operate with the algorithms being crafted within them. Read a full article about them to know more. It is an interesting piece of information.

5. Line’s Too Long To Wait

And now you have to start your morning without coffee.

4. Your Car Breaks Down In The Drive-Thru

Not only is this embarrassing, but it’s also an awful start to your day.

3. They Make It Hot Instead Of Iced

Why would you want a hot coffee when it’s 90 degrees outside?!

2. They Use Regular Milk Instead Of Soy

Hopefully you’re not allergic.

1. They Run Out Of A Necessary Ingredient

Let’s face it, you really only want that frap for the chocolate drizzle.

15 Delicious Ice Cream Flavors You Won’t Believe Exist

15. Jalapeno Strawberry Ice Cream

It may seem simple enough to make, but adding this extra ingredient to your strawberry ice cream will add an extra kick that can be enjoyed. Many stores have found this to be the case.

14. Goat Cheese Cashew Caramel

If you want an ice cream flavor that has the taste of a cheesecake, this flavor uses tangy goat cheese, salted cashews and stripes of homemade caramel. It can be found at Black Dog Gelato in Chicago.. This is how impressive ways of doing things differently would look like. It is just similar to the auto trading robot that we get to use any time when we require. You canfind in here the expertise of earning the maximum with superior technology which is different in all aspects.

13. Creamed Cod Ice Cream

Creamed cod ice cream may seem like an odd one, but it is actually pretty ingenious. It is made up of ice cream that gets coated with a pepper-vanilla batter and is then deep fried. There are also chips to provide the fish and chips look, which are made from potato ice cream. This ice cream can be found at George’s Portobello Fish Bar in London.

12. Rosewater Ice Cream

This interesting flavor uses flavors from Iran like saffron, cardamom, pomegranate and the dried root of an orchid known as sahlab. You can find this flavor at Mashti Malone in Hollywood, CA

11. Cardamom Ice Cream

This Israeli ice cream is made up of a variety of flavors including cardamom, rose, yogurt lime, poppy seed and wasabi sorbets. They are all natural ingredients, which can be found in Endomela in Acre, Israel.

10. Crammed Jammin’ Cream Doughnut Ice Cream

Finally, a jelly donut-flavored ice cream. This one uses chunks of sugar donuts and a sweet raspberry sauce added to vanilla and cinnamon ice cream. It’s available at Tip Top Ice Cream in New Zealand.

9. Jackfruit Ice Cream

Found at the Hotel Saravanaa Bhavan in Chennai and Delhi, India, this special flavor is unique to the area. That said, it is said to taste like gourmet Juicy Fruit gum, so if you get the chance to go to Delhi, it would make for a good choice of ice cream.

8. Wildberry Lavender Ice Cream

Made from blueberries, black kerns, lavender and orange zest, this ice cream has a flavor that really lasts. It can be found at Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream in Columbus, OH.

7. Sichuan Pepper Ice Cream

Chef Kevin Sbraga found he had a taste for sichuan peppercorns, which are used in Chinese food and this led him to create a recipe of his own. This ice cream can be found at Sbraga in Philadelphia.

6. Salt Licorice Ice Cream

Here’s an interesting creation. Over at Molly Moon’s Homemade Ice Cream in Seattle, you can find this ice cream which is made up of star anise and sea salt.

5. Ricanelas Ice Cream

Ricanelas is from Bi-Rite Creamery in San Francisco. It consists of a variety of ingredients blended into the ice cream for a tasty flavor. Everything from various sauces to in-house made brittle and toffee gets thrown into the mix, along with cinnamon and snickerdoodles.

4. Kitty Kitty Bang Bang Ice Cream

The name alone is enough, but this ice cream flavor from Scoops Ice Cream in Minnesota, has a swirl of raspberry, crushed Oreos and soft chocolate chunks. Sounds plenty tasty.

3. Zen Butter

The name alone makes this sound delicious. This flavor is made of peanut butter ice cream with the addition of white sesame seeds. It can be found at Chinatown Ice Cream Factory in New York.

2. Bosh Frieze Frenzy Ice Cream

This fun flavor involves a peanut butter ice cream blended with chocolate, fudge and peanuts. You can find it at The Frieze Ice Cream and Sorbet in Miami.

1. Tequila Ice Cream

This one is pretty straightforward but certainly desired by many. Tequila-laced ice cream can be found at Las Ventanas al Paraíso in Mexico.

15 Signs You Might Be Addicted To Fast Food

Fast food is designed to be cheap and delicious to keep you going back for more. It can be hard to resist now that there is some type of fast food on every corner, and people can become addicted to the salty meals. Check out these 15 signs you may be a fast-food addict.

15. Employees Know Your Name

fast food
Getty Images

Fast food restaurants have a high turnover rate, and their employees see a lot of customers in one day. You must really make an impression on them in order to have your name memorized.

14. Know Where All The Locations Are

Getty Images

No matter where you’re at, if you know where the closest fast food is then it may be a sign you think about it too much.

13. Know About New Items

Getty Images

Fast food menus are constantly changing in order to keep their regulars from getting bored and to entice more people with new tasty choices. Keeping up with the new trends in fast food is a sign that maybe you eat there a little too often.

12. Eat It More Than Twice A Week

Getty Images

Sure it’s cheap and convenient, but eating it this often just isn’t healthy.

11. Get Up Early To Make It Before Breakfast Ends

Getty Images

Skipping sleep to go eat? That could be a giant red flag indicating a fast-food obsession.

10. Go Through Withdrawals
Getty Images

Withdrawals only happen when you consume too much of something, and with fast food it may be mental withdrawals if you eat it for emotional reasons.

9. You Never Need To Buy Ketchup
Getty Images

If you never need to buy condiments because you have so many packets on hand, then you may want to slow down on the fast food.

8. Sometimes It’s Your Three Meals A Day
Getty Images

I don’t know about you, but after eating a burger and fries I’m usually full for the rest of the day. You must really like fast food in order to eat more than one time in a day.

7. Spend Your Entire Paycheck On The Dollar Menu

fast food
Getty Images

That’s a lot of dollars to be spending on fries!

6. Eat It On Vacation

Getty Images

You should want to splurge and eat food you normally don’t have while on vacation. Unless you’re trying to save money, eating fast food on fancy trips may be a sign that you can’t take a break from the greasy goodness.

5. Have Tried The Entire Menu

Getty Images

The only way to have tried every single item on the menu is to frequent fast food joints, and it’s probably not the healthiest thing to have on your resume.

4. Refer To Them As “Restaurants”

Getty Images

If a fast food chain is your favorite “restaurant,” then you may want to try some other places.

3. Eat In Secret

Getty Images

Eating in secret is a sign that you shouldn’t be eating whatever it is you’re trying to hide.

If your heart says you are indulging in unhealthy practice please switch over to low-fat nutritious food offered in outlets.  When health is lost everything is lost.  There should not be any secrets regarding food and investing habit.  Try cryptocurrency trading.  Look here for good chances to earn huge money.  Forget the secrets.  Back to Rantfood.

2. Cravings

Getty Images

Craving fast food once in a while is no big deal. However, craving it multiple times a day could get out of hand.

1. Feel Guilty After Eating

Getty Images

You only feel guilty after doing something you know you really shouldn’t have.

Foods That Smell Bad and Taste Good

Foods that Smel Bad and Taste Good

If you can get over the nasty smell of these foods, you will find they taste pretty good.

As a rule, our noses are the main markers of how a dish will taste prior to placing it on our tongue. Generally, the taste and aroma of a sustenance are in a state of harmony, so we can commonly figure that the sort of tastes similarly tantamount to it fragrance.


There are a couple of instances, in any case, where the two sense organs don’t arrange. For instance, vanilla concentrate has an excellent fragrance, yet awful when consumed on its own. It likewise functions the opposite way around, where it may give a horrendous old or however tastes a remarkable inverse, similar to the case with this musty yet tasty nourishment. Try these out, and your olfactory senses could very well excuse you and navigate to this website.



This Asian organic product is an adoration or an abhor compose bargain, however within is the creamiest and most extravagant natural product you’ll ever attempt. It’s likewise beautiful darn beneficial for your health, with huge amounts of vitamins and cancer prevention agents.



Also called matured cabbage, this Korean cuisine may not be the right dish for your olfactory senses, yet it is a staple diet in Asian cooking and can be filled in as a dish for practically everything.


Truffle Oil

A few people absolutely burrow the gritty smell, yet to a great many individuals, it reminds of stinky farts. When you overlook it, however, you’ll view that truffle oil absolutely helps a gritty profundity to any flavorful meal, particularly pizzas and pasta.



It makes an incredible fixing for sausage, and similar to kimchi, it’s matured cabbage, but with an alternate arrangement of flavors. Aging may not generally give the most wonderful smelling nourishments, but rather they are flavorful.


Brussels sprouts

You can stay away from the wonky scents by cooking them rapidly, we suggest providing them either as grilled or as a stir-fry that is sautéed in a skillet.


Parmesan cheese

There are certain quite noxious cheeses that exist, yet parmesan gives an odor similar to the perspiration from the duffel bag you are continually planning to clean. However, that is absolutely alright as it liquefies pleasantly.



No doubt, papaya is beneficial for you, and definitely, it’s a quite famous tropical natural product, yet it additionally resembles feet odor. Additionally, this natural product gives astounding flavor to desserts and smoothies.


20 Of The Worst Cooking Fails Of All Time

There are two types of people in this world:

Those who can cook, and those who cannot. Meet 20 people who shouldn’t be allowed in the kitchen.

20. Bunny Rolls
Bunny Rolls
It looks like somebody smushed the bunny.

19. Octopus Cake
Octopus Cake
This does not look good enough to eat.

18. Kit Kat Cake
Kit Kat Cake
The people at Kit Kat are saying “Gimme a break.” Pun intended.

17. Hot Cakes
Hot Cakes
Way to really mess up a beautiful rainbow.

M-I-C-K- wait…

15. Ramen
Just a minor problem.

14. Melted
This is what melted plastic looks like.

13. Egg Bake
Egg Bake
This does not look very appetizing.

12. Noodles on Noodles
Noodles on Noodles
This cook needs to go back to the basics.

A badly cooked food not only spoils the taste but it spoils the whole day.  It aggravates stress, hunger, and spoils the health.  At least badly cooked food just spoils a single day.  Any missed out investment opportunity can impact the whole lifetime. Use this link and do not miss out latest investment opportunities like forex trading, cryptocurrency trading etc.

The new investment opportunities help in minting huge profits.  It helps in solving all financial woes and settle comfortably in life.  Trying a new recipe may not always be a pleasure.  But missing a new investment opportunity will always stay as a worry.   Analyze websites to get full knowledge of the same.  Back to Rantfood.

11. Mozzarella Sticks
Mozzarella Sticks
That’s just about the least appetizing thing that I’ve ever seen.

10. Splatter Cake
Splatter Cake
It looks like a 1-year-old made the bottom one.

9. Heart Cookies
Heart Cookies
Totally nailed, I mean failed it.

8. Wormy
That worm can walk its way right into the garbage.

7. Cookie Monster Cupcakes
Cookie Monster Cupcakes
Poor Cookie Monster.

6. Bacon Hearts
Bacon Hearts
Don’t go bacon my heart.

5. Rainbow Cake
Rainbow Cake
This is awful.

4. Buzz Lightyear
Buzz Lightyear
Never try to recreate a masterpiece …

3. USA
This is not how we treat the good ol’ US of A.

2. Waffle Iron Cookies
Waffle Iron Cookies
It doesn’t get worse than this.

1. Pizza
That is one burned piece of pizza pie!

15 Fast Food Horror Stories That Are Totally Fake

Michael Peckerar is a Content Associate for Rant Inc. Follow him on Twitter @michaelpeckerar, “Like” him on Facebook or add him to your network on Google.

15. Tumor In The Chicken Sandwich
Tumor In The Chicken Sandwich
Whether it was the version where the mayonnaise was pus, or the actual tumor was in there — it’s fake. The photos are also either fake, or of other stuff — like fat. A chicken is chopped and butchered, and any tumor would be immediately discovered. It’s never happened and never will happen. It’s physically impossible.. It can be made innovative in this manner to get a little impressive just the way auto trading robot does.Check my source to know more. The auto trading robot can trade on our behalf. It is completely interactive and comfortable for novice users. Smart activities take a good twist on the positive side.

14. Finger In Wendy’s Chili
Finger In Wendy’s Chili
Did Anna Ayala find a finger in her Wendy’s chili in 2005? Yes. Did they sell it to her like that? No. As it turns out, the finger was tested and didn’t match the prints or DNA of any employees. It made sense since they were all in possession of 10 fingers apiece. It turns out the finger was from one of Ayala’s husband’s co workers who had lost it in a work accident. She put it there to scam Wendy’s and ended up in the slammer for it.

13. Arby’s Roast Beef Is Made From A Gel
Arby’s Roast Beef Is Made From A Gel
In a classic “making face value assumptions” story, people keep reporting they see roast beef being made from a gel at Arby’s. While it’s true their roast beef does arrive in a bag, it’s still beef. The gel story comes from the fact that it arrives while marinating. The “gel” is actually the brine that marinates the roast beef before it’s sliced — which is a standard deli meat thing.

12. Semen Burger
Semen Burger
This is one of those old urban legends that’s always “heard from that one guy” and never in a newspaper or news report. The dead giveaway is that the “victim” is always a woman. Fortunately, there has never been any recorded case anywhere in the US of anyone ever finding any semen in their food. Ever. Anywhere.

11. Girl Eats Taco Bell And Has Roach Eggs Infest Her Throat
Girl Eats Taco Bell And Has Roach Eggs Infest Her Throat
Most urban legends can get knocked down from a little research and logic. As the story goes, a girl had odd swelling in her throat. It turns out she had Taco Bell and apparently a pregnant roach was in there who laid eggs in her gums. Of course the babies were living in her throat. The problem is that roaches carry eggs in a sac, not lay them. Also, chewing kills roaches. Not only that, but there’s no record of it ever happening.

10. KFC Can’t Call It “Chicken” Because They Serve Mutant Chickens
KFC Can’t Call It “Chicken” Because They Serve Mutant Chickens
When Kentucky Fried Chicken became “KFC” it was because they’re no longer allowed to call their GMO chickens “chicken”, right? Wrong. They changed it to de-emphasize the word “fried” and to allow them to vary the menu (they’ve since switched back). They buy regular chickens from regular chicken farms, and even after the “KFC” name change, they used the word “chicken” all the time.

9. Tim Hortons Adds Nicotine To Their Coffee
Tim Hortons Adds Nicotine To Their Coffee
The beloved Canadian donut and coffee chain is only eclipsed by Starbucks when it comes to dedicated fans. People have passed the legend around that it’s because they add nicotine to their coffee to make it addictive. Both the Canadian and American food oversight agencies have given Tim Horton’s the thumbs up (or “Tu vas bien” in Quebec) and declared them nicotine free. Your café et des beignes are safe.

8. McDonald’s Is Making Big Mac Baby Food
McDonald’s Is Making Big Mac Baby Food
No matter what the all-caps Facebook posts say, nobody saw these on any grocery shelves anywhere. They also never saw them at McDonald’s. Because it doesn’t exist. A bad satire site called ‘Freaking News’ held a “What If McDonald’s Ruled The World” Photoshop contest, and this was an entry. It is not a thing and never will be.

7. Venomous Snakes In A Burger King Ball Pit
Venomous Snakes In A Burger King Ball Pit
Getty Images
As the story goes, a kid was bit by a rattlesnake that was hiding in a Burger King ball pit and died. There’s no reason for your kids to go all Samuel L (I am sick of these mf’ing snakes in this mf’ing ball pit…) because it never happened. That’s literally the last place a rattlesnake would hide, because shocker, rattlesnakes hate people. Kids too. This has never happened, and only existed in your chain emails and bad movie prequel ideas.

6. KFC Served A Rat
KFC Served A Rat
It looks like a rat, so it must be a rat? That’s not always true since this is totally not a rat. Devorise Dixon is a guy from Watts, CA who posted this photo and said KFC served him a rat. Facebook did a Facebook and freaked out. KFC, to their credit, played it cool and found the second angle of the “rat”, showing that it was white meat chicken. It was unfortunately shaped chicken, but nonetheless chicken.

5. Bubba Conroy Spits In White People’s Burgers
Bubba Conroy Spits In White People’s Burgers
That tweet is fake. It made its way around the internet and people lost their minds. This is one more thing we can all blame on 4chan, because that’s who did it. It was part of an elaborate prank that wasn’t very funny. Bubba Conroy is not a real person and was never employed by McDonald’s or on Twitter.

4. McDonald’s Uses Worms In Beef
McDonald’s Uses Worms In Beef
This is not a new rumor and has plagued McDonald’s since the 1970s. Recently, a fake news site used this photo of ground tenderloin with bits of frozen butter in it — a mix that makes a darn tasty burger. McDonald’s doesn’t use worms (or any other filler for that matter), and founder Ray A. Kroc summed it up perfectly in an interview once, saying “We couldn’t afford to grind worms into our meat. Hamburger costs a dollar and a half a pound, and night crawlers six dollars.”

3. Chinese Restaurant Gets Caught Taking Delivery Of Rats
Chinese Restaurant Gets Caught Taking Delivery Of Rats
One of the oldest fast food horror stories of all time popped up recently, with this image and the accompanying story. As the urban legend goes, these are rats that were delivered to an Atlanta Chinese take out spot. The photos are actually of rats being sold online to snake owners (which happens), and there’s never been any record of this ever happening anywhere.

2. McDonald’s Charges Black Customers More (Because Robberies)
McDonald’s Charges Black Customers More (Because Robberies)
It’s amazing how easily the internet brings out casual racism. “Saw it on Facebook — seems legit” people say. McDonald’s did not and never will allow a franchise to pull this stunt. The photo was faked and released as a prank. Also, the phone number was the KFC customer service number. So, there’s that.

1. Ketchup Dispensers Have HIV Infected Blood In Them
Ketchup Dispensers Have HIV Infected Blood In Them
It’s always interesting when a government agency has to step in and say “Please stop sharing this.” The story that an HIV+ employee has been spiking the ketchup dispensers with their own blood — all kinds of fake. The CDC repeats over and over that not only were there no reports of this, but that HIV can’t live outside the human body and that transmission through food is nearly impossible. Pump the ketchup freely, you’re safe.