Sell homemade snacks for kids.
All kids love snacks, especially if those are store bought cheesy snacks. But we all know that these may not be very good for your kid’s health. So why not make some healthy snacks at home? In fact, this can be a great home business.
1) Starting a business needs a plan; see what snacks options you can make at home easily. Check the availability of raw materials, space to make the snacks, its handling and packing, gather all required licenses.
2) A business needs finance to buy raw material, it’s packing, and delivery etc. There are various ways you can earn some extra cash while doing some trading, here are the findings.
3) The food industry is known because of its same taste in every snack packet. For this, you will need a standard procedure that you can use to create all your snacks.
4) The snacks you produce in your business should be clean and hygienic and edible for kids to consume. The food business irrespective of its size should take proper precautions while handling the food articles.


Investments can be a great idea to make money for the smartest people out there. Investing and trading is a complex, yet interesting activity. We have to understand the benefits of investing and also doing it online to enjoy the experience in its complete form. Let us understand some of the best benefits in this regard.
Firstly, it introduces us to the world’s easiest and flexible means of earning money. We can sit anywhere and start trading. It is very easy for us to trade even while traveling. We can analyze the market from all angles and make well-informed decisions. We also have auto trading robots which can completely trade on our behalf.
Secondly, these software systems enable the robot to forecast the decisions with accuracy. They are crafted with such well-defined algorithms to research well the external factors. It is quite impressive when you get to know the cryptocurrencies increasing in its value. We can enable all features and navigate easily as they are made to be very user-friendly.
Thirdly, it is only such investments that will increase in value and get to become a large establishment in the future. We will have to take the right decisions at the right time to increase all that is bound to be received through these crypto robots when it is within our accessibility. Read this article to know more.
Fourthly, it is one of the safest media to expose our earnings and to earn millions. They have a good system over the internet to create a safe medium of support. To place a transaction over the internet, we will have to create an encrypted equation. One has to decode the equation to qualify for transacting successfully. This is a proved tactic that will enrich our trading experience in a safe and secure manner.
Lastly, it is the most developing means of investment that is capturing the people at large throughout the world. So, its demand is creasing and the value as well. Time is ripe to invest and we will have to take the best when the value and price are at good and remarkable standards. In this way, we can get a good return and an essential learning experience as well.
Start investing with these cryptocurrencies and keep reinvesting from the returns to get a consistent income that will improve on a large scale over a long period of time.


Investments have to be as innovative as possible. The reason is simply that only then we can stand different amongst all surviving in the same field. And all the people involved are always smart investors.Go to my blog to see how success can be brought from doing things differently.

There is a lot of noise around cryptocurrency trading questioning whether it is legitimate.  Taking into consideration its advantages, the whole world has to take steps towards legalizing, recognizing and easing the digital currency trade.  This will yield a lot of cost benefits and wipe out the disadvantages in the existing system of using physical cash.

In the present scenario, each country uses a different currency.  Due to the latest innovations like online ordering, geographical boundaries no longer remain a constraint.  The whole world is like one community.  So uniformity in the medium of exchange will be the pivotal step in proceeding towards further growth.

Cryptocurrency is the next medium of exchange which will generate multiple future benefits.  A detailed explanation is given in this link.  Cryptocurrency will eliminate conversion losses.  It will improve the speed of transaction settlement.  It is more secure than physical money since it uses blockchain technology.

The economies which avoid such a boon are sure to lose their growth.  The right time has come to legalize, strengthen and encourage cryptocurrency usage.  All the nations can come together to contribute their share of research and improvements in this regard.

Presently there is fear in the mind of the business community perhaps due to the lack of encouragement from central banks towards cryptocurrency.  Once steps are taken to remove the fear, no doubt cryptocurrency will gain popularity and eventually replace physical money.

Since no solid steps are taken so far even by developed nations towards authorization of cryptocurrency, there are unnecessary fears about loss.  There is also misrepresentation that this might be a scam.  Once all the governments come together to make cryptocurrency as a legal and acceptable form of currency, the misrepresentations can be removed and investors will get a clear picture.

Then only any negligible loopholes in the system can be removed.  Only then investors will reap the full benefit of cryptocurrency.  Any further delay will increase unnecessary fear and rumors.  It is right time to research and develop cryptocurrency trading.  This will provide more employment opportunities.  Once this is done the existing types of cryptocurrencies can be gradually minimized and uniformities can be brought it easily.

All the nations can benefit from cryptocurrency since huge costs incurred towards minting, security, and transportation of physical currency can be eliminated.  Also, the physical currency needs continuous replacement due to wear and tear.  This disadvantage is not there in cryptocurrency.


There are a few aspects in life that individuals just need to encounter directly. Moreover, in case you are a lager consumer, there are sure brews you need to try for useful reference. At any rate once. We’ve contemplated what those brews are, the stuff that everybody should attempt. A portion of these brews would be viewed as the best lagers in the nation, if not the universe.

Dale’s Pale Ale
See, this is the brew that began the can-unrest. If not for Dale’s, we would not have had it in a can. The way this is a great pale beer having a touch of intensity and citrus underscored by simply sufficient malt spine is simply what tops off the good thing.

Breckenridge Vanilla Porter
An establishment of chocolate and broiled nuts is animated by the expansion of the beans of vanilla that is so debauched. It has such profundity of character, you would anticipate that it will be a yearly Christmas gift.

Brooklyn Brewery Lager
It’s Vienna like ale is smooth, unobtrusive, biscuity yet not flat. This has more profundity than the majority of the American ales you’ll go over, having greater malty golden than the fresh brew.

Surly Brewing Darkness
It really is great this awful Russian supreme hefty just comes about annually. It’s stout, however wanton with overwhelming notes of raisins, espresso, and chocolate.

New Belgium Fat Tire
It’s anything but difficult to overlook the significance of this one in the present unique specialty brew view. For a considerable lot of us, it was the portal blend into the scrumptious universe of specialty brew.

Gigantic IPA
Massive is a flighty group called for just delivering one-off brews. Capture them while it is possible, cause if they are gone, they are done with.

NoDa Hop Drop n Roll
This one is a generally fresh lager contrasted with the others on this rundown. In case you are searching for the IPA type display, you don’t have to search far for this hoppy beer and additionally, it arrives in cans.

Sam Adams Boston Brew
In case there is a brew on this rundown that all have presumably effectively attempted, it’s this lager. For a considerable length of time, it was basically your solitary choice.

Dogfish Head 90 Minute IPA
It consistently bounces this lager for an hour and a half, at that point tosses in a few dry jumping to make a monster. It is a major lager yet in addition an available and steady brew.


1 – Reasons why Financial Planning Varies for Business Owners

Monetary making arrangements for business people can be more troublesome. Yet, being a business person has numerous adjustments. Resigning a very long time prior to typical retirement period, beginning another venture or just taking a shot at aspects that are extremely fascinating is everything customers having ownership objectives has accomplished. Still, you require a monetary arrangement to accomplish those settlements hence read more here.

Arranging in the beginning time of an entrepreneurial endeavor is more centered around the venture and enhancing income than on close to home money related arranging. However, when the organization is running smoothly, in case you’re a business person, there are as yet various manners by which your arrangement varies from an arrangement for a non-business person. Here is a portion of the manners in which that money-related making arrangements for business visionaries is unique.

Tax Arrangements

You have various alternatives concerning taxation decreases. Accepting you are the proprietor of the organization, you need to settle on various diverse decisions that will affect your duty charge. In case you have a business supported retirement plan and considering the case, which composes, will decide how much salary you can shield from imposing.

Deciding Benefits

While working for a venture, and especially a huge manager, you frequently have a full cluster of advantages. Human services and retirement designs are commonly the greatest advantages, yet numerous businesses provide gathering life and inability protection also. When you turn into an entrepreneur, you pick the advantages. In many examples, government law necessitates you should provide your workers with similar kinds of advantages you get through your organization.

Risk Handling

The initial stage for the majority of the organizations is genuinely unsafe as close to home income is contrary and in numerous cases, you may wind up subsidizing the venture on your own. Moreover, in case you have thought about on obligation which you have literally ensured to keep running, you might lose something other than your venture. However, when the business is in full swing and income achieves a coveted level, being a business visionary can be less unsafe than being a representative.

Most business people have numerous clients, and the shot that income will be nil is less. Workers, then again, have one client, who is their manager and they either remain employed or unemployed.

Exit Plan

For some business people, the essential inspirations in beginning their personal venture are the result when their organization is sold. Yet a portion of our business person customers can spare sufficient while maintaining the venture to meet their money-related objectives.

Fast Food and Chain Restaurants We Loved That Are Now History

Chain and fast food restaurants have come and gone across the American landscape. For many Americans, we grew up with these brands, their food and their commercials on television and radio. They were, at one point, a part of our lives. Now, they are nothing more than memories. These are the fast food and chain restaurants that we grew up with that are now history or could soon be entering the history books.
Howard Johnson’s
 Howard Johnson’s
As the American highway system was completed there became a familiar site along those highways, a Howard Johnson’s. The company was started in the 1920s as a lunch counter/soda fountain. It continued to grow until it went public in 1961 with over 600 restaurants and 88 motels. It was one of America’s first major restaurant chains and it was hit hard by the emergence of fast food as Americans decided they didn’t want to wait for food service at a table. There are two Howard Johnson restaurants left, one in Bangor, Maine and one in Lake Placid, NY.
Opened in 1957 by Sam Battistone and Newell F. Bohnet in Santa Monica, Calif. The name was a combination of Sam and Bo from Bohnet but many people took offense to the name which was used as a derogatory term towards African-Americans. What made matters worse was the decision to do up the décor of the restaurant with scenes from the children’s book ‘Little Black Sambo.’ Still, Sambo’s had a lot of success early on. Eventually there were over 1,100 locations by the 1980s. The name controversy stuck around though and in the early 1980s they decided to rename 650 restaurants to Season’s Friendly Eating. It wasn’t long before they were sold to Denny’s while others shut down. There is still one remaining Sambo’s in Santa Barbara, Calif.
Kenny Rogers Roasters
 Kenny Rogers Roasters
Country singer Kenny Rogers and KFC founder John Y. Brown got together in 1991 and launched Kenny Rogers Roasters. It didn’t last very long though, despite people liking the food. The market just didn’t have enough room for another rotisserie chicken chain and by 1998 it was bankrupt and sold to Nathan’s. There is one Kenny Rogers still open in Ontario, Calif. but the company, now owned by a Malaysian outfit, is doing well in Asia. At least there will always be that ‘Seinfeld’ episode so Kenny Rogers Roasters will live on.
Minnie Pearl’s
 Minnie Pearl’s
Started by John Jay Hooker in 1966 and with Grand Ole Opry legend Minnie Pearl’s name, the fried chicken restaurant chain enjoyed early success. More than 500 locations were opened and even more franchised out, there seemed to be a Minnie Pearl’s ready to pop up everywhere. The problem was there was no structure, especially when it came to the chicken recipe. When it comes to fast food you absolutely need consistency and when you can’t even get the same recipe used in all of your stores you aren’t going to last long. There were also some issues with investors right out of the gate and the whole plan collapsed only a couple of years after opening.
The All-American Burger
 The All-American Burger
This was a regional chain but the entire country got to know The All-American Burger in the 80s classic ‘Fast Times At Ridgemont High.’ It was founded in 1968 in Los Angeles by Aaron Binder. The last restaurant was replaced by a Chipotle in Hollywood in 2010.
White Tower
 White Tower
If this sounds like White Castle it is because it was designed to be just like White Castle, the country’s first fast-food burger chain which was founded in 1921. In 1926, John E. Saxe and his son, Thomas, opened a rival to White Castle in Milwaukee, Wisc. They copied everything from White Castle including the turrets, the burgers, advertising slogans. Eventually there were 130 White Towers in the country but White Castle brought the lawsuits. White Tower was forced to change its restaurant architecture and pay $82,000. There were eventually 230 White Towers in the 1950s before starting to fade. The last White Tower shut its doors in Toledo, Ohio in 2004.
Opened in 1976 by Marno McDermitt and former NFL star Max McGee, Chi-Chi’s brought Mexican cuisine to many towns in America that had no idea what they had been missing. You couldn’t resist their nachos and other delicious dishes that were cranked out in a highly modern kitchen that had food on your table in less than 10 minutes. Their success was also partly their undoing. Many other Mexican restaurants opened in its wake and dried up the cash flow.

Income flow is important not only for businesses but for individuals too.  More we earn, happier we will live.  In earlier days one had to either start a business or take up a job in any of the business houses for earning money.  But nowadays there are innovative new areas like cryptocurrency trading for earning.  Back to Rantfood.

The company filed for bankruptcy in 2003 and then the final door was shuttered after some food was tainted with Hepatitis A that resulted in over 650 diners getting sick and three dying. Chi-Chi’s now only exists on grocery store shelves as their salsa and other condiments were bought by Hormel.
Started in 1956 by two brothers, Clifford and Stuart Pearlman, they purchased a restaurant in Miami, put in clear glass doors and found success. They credit their clear glass doors, which made their restaurant more inviting, for their success. By 1971 there were 400 Lum’s serving hot dogs steamed in beer to the masses. The Pearlmans sold the chain to KFC owner John Y. Brown for a cool $4 million, a pleasant turnaround from their original $12,000 investment. The last Lum’s closed its doors in 2009 in Davie, Fla.
Steak and Ale
 Steak and Ale
This was the creation of Norman Brinker, the man who brought us Jack in the Box and Chili’s. Steak and Ale began in 1966 in Dallas and thought it could give conventional full-service restaurants a run for their money by offering cheap steak, think $1.95 for filet mignon. Combine that with the first self-serve salad bar and the place was a hit. There were 109 restaurants across 24 states by the time Brinker sold the franchise. Tons of restaurants similar to Steak and Ale opened in the wake of its success and actually ended up beating it out. The last few restaurants closed in 2009.
Gino’s Hamburgers
 Gino’s Hamburgers
Founded in 1957 by NFL Hall of Famer Gino Marchetti, Gino’s Hamburgers merged sports and fast food in a way that no other had done previously. There were 330 restaurants in 1972. In 1982 Marriott purchased the chain and turned them into Roy Rogers’. However, Gino’s might be making a small comeback as Marchetti opened a new restaurant in 2010 with hopes of making it a chain. We shall see how well he does this time around.
Burger Chef
 Burger Chef
If you grew up in the 1980s you might have caught this once formidable chain on the way out. However, it was, at one time, the rival to McDonald’s and had over 1,200 stores at one point. It helped revolutionize the way fast food was done. The kid’s meal with a toy? That was their idea, beating McDonald’s by six years. They had a conveyor belt that was able to roll out 800 burgers per hour. They were too quick to expand and ended up getting bought out by Hardee’s in 1981.
Bob’s Big Boy
 Bob’s Big Boy
Bob’s Big Boy was a staple along the highways and byways of America. Today, there are just over 100 locations across just a handful of states, mostly in the Midwest. It probably won’t leave our life for good but for most of us the Big Boy statue is just a memory.
Established in 1976, Bennigans seemed to pop up in every town in America. The corporation went out of business and was bought by a few franchisees who are trying to bring Bennigans back. There are 23 left in 11 states.
Ponderosa and Bonanza steakhouses once numbered in the hundreds across the country. Today there are just 17 left across the United States.
Charlie Brown’s
 Charlie Brown’s
Charlie Brown’s is a regional chain found mostly in New Jersey, Pennsylvania and New York. The corporation went out of business but franchise owners kept their doors open. They might survive but they won’t get back to where they used to be, as one of the growing chains of the 1980s.

15 Delicious Fast-Food Menu Items You Can No Longer Get

15 Delicious Fast-Food Menu Items You Can No Longer Get15 Delicious Fast-Food Menu Items You Can No Longer Get
How to buy a fast food franchise?
The fast food industry is booming now more than ever, people find it easy to pick up their lunch and dinner from the fast drive through options as compared to the restaurants. The fast food industry does not only provide you with fast food options but is also proving to be a good business. Keep reading this article if you are looking forward to buying a fast food franchise.
1) What is Fast Food chain: Not all restaurants with various branches are considered as the fast food chains. Some restaurants can have many branches in the same city but they can provide different menu options at all of their branches. The fast-food chain though has similar menu options, the taste of the food items, prices at all their franchise at least within the same country or state.
2) What suits your need: Starting a food business can be stressful, choosing what you prefer can be the best option to start with. There are many world famous businesses that have multiple franchises in various countries, like the burger, pizza and coffee places. Consider the best option that suits the location you are looking to start a business and that is well known in the market.
3) Check your Budget: Starting a business clearly needs some kind of finance, to set up the place, buy the raw material, get the required licenses etc. Most of the times the parent fast food company will help you set up the place, guide you in the process, train the employees etc. But if you are looking for ways to improve your cash flow refer to this important site. The cryptocurrencies are proving to be a good way to invest your money in if you want to learn more about it refer to the website.
4) Are you qualified to start a franchise: The food industry is different than other industries and this industry comes with a different set of rules. When you decide to open up a franchise you should have the required qualifications to handle this business. The parent company would need someone with proper qualifications and experience.
5) Understand the contract: The fast-food franchise business has its standard procedures for everything. But it is important to understand all your responsibilities as the owner of the franchise. Study your contract with the company carefully. Work with lawyers and accountants to understand all the legal and financial terms better.

15 Most Annoying People You See At Starbucks

While Starbucks is simply a coffee place, some people just ruin it for the rest of us.

RELATED 15 Most Annoying Things People Do When They’re New To Starbucks

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The Ultra-Regular Yelp
There’s apparently local rules in this Starbucks, and he’s gonna enforce them. His self-proclaimed VIP status also includes his own reserved table. He breaks in line because “Janet already knows what my order is.” He is a monkey turd and we all hate him.

“I’m Doing Work But I’m Really Not” Twitter
They plunk down with their laptop and commence with the charade. Conveniently, their screen doesn’t face anyone and they aren’t typing much. This is because they want to look like they’re working but they’re actually on Facebook. You’re not writing your ebook, Trevor — you’re looking at tumblr.

Teenage Girls. Literally. All. Of. Them. Pinterest
“Ehmehgehd Peyton, I lurrrve Starbucks sooo much!” “Ehhh I know, Sawyer. I come here like… a million times a day.” “Ehhhughh, I know… I’m here like a jillion times a day.” “Euuuuhh!”

It’s practice for when they rush Delta Zeta and everything is the best thing EVERRR!!!

The Instagrammer Instagram
Yes, you went to Starbucks. Why does this warrant announcing it to the world? Not only that, but when you’re posing with your drink — we all know what you’re doing. And you need to cut it out.

The Newbie With Absolutely No Clue How Any Of This Works (And An Attitude About It) Pinterest
It breaks down like this: Moron walks into Starbucks, waits till he’s at the counter to even consider an order, can’t figure out the cup sizes, holds up the entire line, and then whines about it to anyone in earshot or on Facebook. He complains that Starbucks regulars are rude and pretentious when he’s the one who can’t figure out how to order coffee.

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Condiment Station Hog Yelp
Chad’s been drinking coffee since he was 14, yet somehow still needs six or seven rough drafts before the cream and sugar is all set up. Without fail, Chad also will use the last of the half and half. Every time. Every. Single. Time.

Starbucks Hater Who Is Somehow Still Inside A Starbucks Pinterest
Yeah, yeah, yeah, you think you’re funny because you act curmudgeonly and rant about the menu and what not. It’s soooo funny that you make fun of Frappuccino as a word. Ha ha.

Hey, moron. If Starbucks is dumb, what are you doing in a Starbucks?

Gold Card Holders Flickr
A Gold Card does not grant you “Be A Tool” privileges. You don’t get to strut around like the cock of the walk and throw weight around. You get to have a Gold Card. A Gold Card does not mean you’re a better person — it means you go to Starbucks too much.

People Who Actually Hold Job Interviews — At Starbucks Twitter/illrecruit
If your job interview is being held at a Starbucks, Get out of there! Unless your “Objectives” section on your resume lists “Getting stuck in a pyramid scheme”, you need to run. We all are looking over at you wondering how bad your life has gotten that you’re applying for a job that interviews at Starbucks.

People Who Sit At Tables With Plugs Who Aren’t Charging Anything And Refuse To Move Flickr
There’s maybe six power outlets in the place, only one has an open plug, your iPhone is at 5%, and this dung beetle refuses to switch seats. He also won’t move so you can plug in, and has committed himself to generally being a buttwad about the whole thing.

Captain Costs Too Much Yelp
Sure, Starbucks can be a little pricey sometimes — but a lot of us think it’s good. We also think it’s worth it. We also really don’t care if you think it’s expensive or not, so maybe keep that to yourself and not announce it at top volume. You’re basically calling everyone else snobby, and that’s a jerk move. You want it cheap? McDonalds is around the corner.

Spell Check Warriors Pinterest
If you think you’re the only person who has ever had their name misspelled on a Starbucks cup, you’re an idiot. It happens, and honestly at this point — they’re doing it on purpose. It’s become a thing and you’re just helping. There is a 100% chance you will get over it and be just fine.

The Girl Who Just “Discovered” The “Secret Menu” Pinterest
It’s not a secret menu, it’s a collection of recipes that some baristas don’t mind making for you. A true secret menu would have booze and foie gras on it. Yet there’s always that one 20-something who just saw a Twix Frappuccino on Pinterest and decided that means she’s part of the Starbucks Branch of the NSA.

Study Groups Pinterest
Not only will they be there for the next three or four hours, but they’re going to take up no less than seven power outlets. On top of that, you’re going to have to listen to their insipid chatter about professors and dorm parking. We all are silently praying you get an F on your stupid project.

The Folks Who Think This Is A Phone Booth Or Something YouTube
You talk on your phone in line, you stay on it while you’re giving the barista your order (which is rude), and you sit at your table talking loudly on it. Oddly, it’s never about anything important. We’re going to eavesdrop and you can’t get mad that we’re listening to a private conversation. Your private is invading our public.

Hottest Celebrities Who Were Once Waitresses