15 Things You Would Hate To Have Happen While At Starbucks

15. No More Cake Pops

The promise of cake pops is probably the only reason you go to Starbucks.

14. Running Out Of Time To Stare At The Food Case

Oh no! You didn’t have time to decide between the blueberry muffin and the blueberry scone before it was your turn at the register.

13. The Barista Asks How To Correctly Spell Your Name

You care more about those five awkward seconds than you do about getting your name spelled right.

12. Someone Takes Off With Your Order

All fraps do kind of look the same.

11. Upset Coffee Tummy

It’s awful to have this happen anywhere except the comfort of your own bathroom.

10. Person In Front Of You Orders 50 Drinks

Okay, 50 drinks may be a bit of an over-exaggeration, but it might as well be 50 for how long it seems to take.

9. People Try To Make Small Talk In Line

You haven’t had your coffee yet, so of course you don’t feel like talking.

8. You Forget To Use Your Starbucks Rewards

Dang it, how are you ever going to earn enough stars for a free drink?!

7. Someone Sits At Your Table…With You

Starbucks can be a crowded and crazy place in the mornings. However, that still doesn’t make it acceptable for someone to squeeze in at your table.

6. They Forget To Make Your Drink

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5. Line’s Too Long To Wait

And now you have to start your morning without coffee.

4. Your Car Breaks Down In The Drive-Thru

Not only is this embarrassing, but it’s also an awful start to your day.

3. They Make It Hot Instead Of Iced

Why would you want a hot coffee when it’s 90 degrees outside?!

2. They Use Regular Milk Instead Of Soy

Hopefully you’re not allergic.

1. They Run Out Of A Necessary Ingredient

Let’s face it, you really only want that frap for the chocolate drizzle.