15 Surprising Things You Didn’t Know About Bacon

Let’s face it, bacon is the reason why a lot of people doubt going vegan – well, at least that’s my main reason. It’s one of the most delicious foods ever created.

Not only bacon is good in taste, but it is also loaded in nutrients like Vitamin B, selenium, Zinc and antioxidants that are vital for a good immune system. Many people are worried because of fat in the bacon but studies show that bacon does not contain any harmful fat. Click to investigate more about this. But there’s some stuff you might not know about it. Check out this surprising list of facts!

15. Perfect For A Hangover

If you drank way too much last night and you’re looking for something to cure your awful hangover, look no further. Bacon speeds up the metabolism, helping you get rid of those vodka shots way faster.

14. It Has It’s Own Day

That’s right. There’s a day in which bacon is celebrated around the world. So the next December 30, make sure you eat copious amounts of delicious bacon. It’s also celebrated the Saturday before Labor Day!

13. Bacon Over Sex

In a survey carried out in Canada by Maple Leaf Foods, 43% of people preferred bacon over having sex. Yes, it’s that good.

12. Your Bacon Addiction Is Real

Bacon contains umami components, which are highly-addictive substances that linger in your tongue making you love it as much as chocolate.

11. It’s Different Around The World

Although one might argue that bacon is bacon no matter where it comes from, Canada uses the loin of the pig, while England uses the shoulder and the United States uses the belly.

10. If You’re Pregnant, Go Get Some Bacon

Even though bacon is greasy and usually advised against by doctors, it also contains an important micronutrient, choline, which helps boost the intelligence of babies while in their mother’s womb.

9. The Patron Saint Of Bacon

Yes, there’s a bacon Saint. Well, actually Saint Anthony The Abbot is the patron saint of pigs, but that’s basically the same.

8. It Has A Lot Of Copycats

Let’s face it, bacon is so magnificent that everyone – and everything – wants to be like it. Companies have developed bacon for people who don’t eat pig, so there’s chicken bacon, turkey bacon and even tofu bacon.

7. It’s Likely That Your Bacon Comes From China

China is responsible for at least half of all the pigs in the world, so there’s a big chance that the bacon you had this morning was Chinese.

6. It’s Flavor Is So Good It Has Expanded

And by ‘expanded’ I mean it has been added to several things that have nothing to do with bacon, including cocktails, cupcakes and even tooth paste.

5. It’s Actually Older Than You Imagine

Although you might think of bacon as a more recent invention, bacon has been around forever. It began as preserving and salting pork belly in China, back in 1500 B.C.

4. It’s Everyone’s Favorite Smell

Well, not everyone, but at least 23% of Canadian men, which is basically the same thing.

3. It’s Not As Fattening As You Imagine

It’s still fattening, of course, but a single serving – equivalent to three slices – has only 100 calories. The downside is that it also has 8 grams of fat and a lot of sodium.

2. Bacon Constitutes A Lot Of A Pig

The weight of any given pig will include about 11% of pure, delicious bacon. Yum!

1. The Number 1 Pork Consumer In The World Is Not The U.S.

It’s actually Denmark, believe it or not!